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Will the CoolStream BOOM! work in my car?

Will the BOOM! work in my car? Probably not, and here is why.

We have tested the BOOM! in countless cars that come with a factory installed 30-pin iPod cable. In general, the BOOM! is NOT a good Bluetooth solution for most cars and does NOT work in most cars using the iPod cable that came with the car. We hear from people all the time asking, will the BOOM! work in my car?  Sadly, the answer is probably not.

Why NOT?

The BOOM! was designed to retrofit 30-pin iPod docking stations, and that is where it really shines.  It does not have the capability to communicate with most car stereos’ media interface when using the iPod cable.

It does work with a small group of generally older vehicles when using the factory-installed iPod cable.  To date, we have identified 51 cars.  That’s it.  Please review our compatibility list before you buy a BOOM! for your car.  When you think about all the years, and all makes, and all models of cars, 51 is a minimal selection.

The time we can say, YES, when you ask will the BOOM! work in my car, is if your car has an AUX port.  The BOOM! is equipped with an Audio Out AUX port on the top of the device.  We also include the 3.5 mm aux cable shown here.  The BOOM! will need to be periodically recharged or connected to an iPod charging cable to maintain power.

White BOOM! in a car with an Aux port

But I have an iPod cable!

CoolStream CarPro in a Jaguar

So which CoolStream product will work best with your car’s iPod cable?  It depends on the car.

If you have a: Mercedes (2005-2011), BMW, Mini, Volkswagen, Audi (3G, NOT 2G) with the factory-installed iPod cable, the CoolStream CarPro will work for you.  Simple as that.

Compatibility has been determined by testing the CarPro with the cable that came with the car from the factory.  The CarPro will NOT work with aftermarket cables such as Alpine DCA-9884, Alpine KCE-433iV, Denison Gateway, Griffin AutoPilot, iSimple Gateway, Pioneer AVIC F700BT, Sony WXGT 77U1, USA-SPEC PA15-HON2Y, USA Spec PA15-NIS, USA-Spec PA15-TOY.

CoolStream CarPro Compatibility with other cars.

If you are not sure which product will work for you, give us a call. (603)421-6515, or send us an email at Contact-us@CoolStreamRocks.com.  We are happy to help to get you streaming music in your car.


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