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Will the CoolStream BOOM! work with my smart TV?

Yes, the CoolStream BOOM! will work with your Bluetooth enabled Smart TV. It is important to check to make sure that your smart TV has Bluetooth capabilities. Some smart TVs are smarter than others. So be sure to check your packaging and manual to see if your TV has Bluetooth.

The CoolStream Duo on a Bose SoundDock paired to a Smart TV.
The CoolStream Duo on a Bose SoundDock paired to a Smart TV.

The CoolStream BOOM! is a Bluetooth receiver, so you want your TV to be a Bluetooth transmitter.  The TV will pair with the BOOM! The audio will come out of the iPod dock speakers.

When pairing a new device (such as the TV) to the CoolStream, BOOM! we recommend turning off the Bluetooth from all the other Bluetooth enabled devices in the room. This is especially true for your phone if you had paired your phone with the BOOM! previously, iPad, etc…  The BOOM! will always want to pair to the last device to which it was paired.  So if you were streaming music from your phone to your dock, the BOOM! will be looking for your phone. If you don’t turn off the Bluetooth of your phone, the TV will not pair with the BOOM!

With the Bose Dock, Smart TV, and the CoolStream BOOM!, you can have awesome sound and visuals for every show.

CoolStream BOOM will work with your Bluetooth Enabled Smart TV




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