Will the CoolStream CarPro work with 2013 Harley Davidson CVO Road King?

Yes, the CoolStream CarPro for BMW will work with the 2013 Harley Davidson CVO Road King.  You will be able to connect your iPhone or your Android phone to the CarPro via Bluetooth to stream your music to the speakers on your Harley.

Video of a CarPro working with a 2013 Harley Davidson CVO Road King

Here is a great video from our Beta Tester.  Here he is showing how the CarPro is safely stored in the saddlebag.  He also shows how to pair the CarPro to your phone and the full functionality of using your handlebar controls.  Volume, pause, and track forward and back are working perfectly, making your ride safer and more enjoyable.

A pin of 0000 is needed when pairing the CoolStream CarPro for BMW to your Harley Davidson CVO Road King.
Pairing the CarPro to your phone is easy.

Pairing the CoolStream CarPro for BMW to your phone is easy.  Turn your bike on, then turn Bluetooth on your phone.  When you see the CarPro come up on your phone, as shown here, type in the pin code of 0000.  One song that you own must be saved to your music library or music folder.  This song will establish the connection between the CarPro, your phone, and your motorcycle stereo system.


We have received some customers’ comments that they cannot keep the CarPro powered on their 2013 Road King.  A charging adapter can solve this problem for some customers.  The adapter plugs into the cable, and the CarPro plugs into the adapter.

CarPro with adapter
CarPro with Charge Adapter 2013 Road King

This adapter is available by request.  Please send us an email with your bike specifics, and we can make a recommendation.

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