February Vacation Travel Must Haves

February Vacation is better with CoolStream Car Chat Plus

So planning our February vacation is upon us.  With the price of gas dropping everyday what could be timelier than a family road trip!  Hmmm, where to go?  Should you take a ski vacation to Vermont, a tour of the great southwest, or a trip to the southern shores of Florida to bask in the sunshine.  Anyway you slice it, with gas prices at record lows all over the country, hitting the road this February Vacation is more cost effective than ever.

A really great website that will tell you the current gas prices around the country is called GasBuddy.com.  Just follow this link and then click anywhere on their interactive map and you can see the prices in that location as reported by the millions of people who regularly visit GasBuddy and post the gas prices in their area.

February Vacation is cheaper with gas prices down.


So once you have picked your location you need to get all your travel accessories together.  That’s where we come in.  the CoolStream Car Chat Plus is just what you need to make your family trip a success.  It simply plugs into your lighter socket for power and then into your AUX for sound from your stereo.  Within seconds of pairing you have Bluetooth for streaming your music and hands-free Bluetooth for taking you phone calls.  And with the addition of 2 rapid USB charging ports, this accessory is a must have for any road trip.

February Vacation will be better travelling with the CoolStream Car Chat Plus


With the Multipoint pairing you can pair two devices to the Car Chat at the same time.  So if one person wants to be in charge of directions, they can use their phone for listening to the GPS during a particularly difficult series of turns and lane changes. Then as you ease on down the road, the other phone can return to play those awesome road tunes chosen to make the trip more memorable.  For a little inspiration you should check out this rendition of Route 66 by John Mayer.

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