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Gadgeteer Announces the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver

CoolStream with phone we call it CoolStreaming while multi-tasking as mentioned in the gadgeteer and AppleInvestigator

The Gadgeteer has posted:  CoolStream Brings Bluetooth to Any iPhone/iPod Docking Station.  The article covers the main features of the CoolStream Bluetooth music receiver including the pairing process the various Bluetooth enabled devices that work with the receiver and how to buy it on Amazon.  The ease of use and the seamless way that you can take a call when it comes in, and then go right back to your music where you left off was a big hit with the reviewer.   The versatility of moving your CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver from your home docking station to your automobile also makes the device a value for the money.  This allows you to upgrade to Bluetooth whether you are at home or on the road which is great.  Also, the fact that the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver has no battery, that it gets its power from the 30-pin dock it is plugged into means that there are no batteries to replace or worry about.

The Gadgeteer also mentions that since it is sold on Amazon that Amazon Prime members will receive free 2-day shipping.  Check it out.

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