How do I get Bluetooth in my Car?

Car Chat Plus with a Phone

The question is, how do I get Bluetooth in my car?  Since most people upgrade their phones far more quickly than they upgrade their cars, there is a good chance that you have a phone with Bluetooth capabilities and a car without. If this is your situation, there is hope for a quick and easy solution to your problem: The CoolStream Car Chat Plus.

CoolStream Car Chat Plus in a Dodge

The Car Chat plus easily plugs into the cigarette lighter socket as well as the AUX port.  With an integrated microphone you can seamlessly go between phone calls and music all while you are charging two devices with the rapid charging ports. (2.5 amps per port).

CoolStream Bluetooth Car Kit


The Car Chat, which is designed right here in New Hampshire is loaded with features to make this an all in one upgrade.  You can play or pause your music, turn the volume up or down and know that you are automatically going to pair with the device as soon as you get into your car.

Map of Cell phone laws

With the laws all over the country moving inevitably to hands-free calling, this is a great option to keep within the law and not have to buy a new vehicle.  It is also great for traveling from state to state to make sure you stay within the laws.

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