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Honda Goldwing Accessory Connects Speakers to Phone Wirelessly

Honda Goldwing with Duo and an arrow pointing to where it resides on the bike.

CoolStream Duo is the newest accessory for the Honda Goldwing.

The CoolStream Duo is a Bluetooth device that allows you to stream music from any smart phone to the Honda Goldwing’s speakers wirelessly.

How does it work you ask?  Well it is very easy and pretty slick.  You just plug the CoolStream Duo into the 3.5mm auxiliary jack that is in the Goldwing’s glove box.  The CoolStream Duo comes with a duel tipped 3.5 mm cable along with instructions for ease of use.  Slide the button on the top of the Duo to the left and the blue LED will start to flash red and blue.  This is pairing mode and tells you that you can now pair your phone with the CoolStream Duo, and stream music.

Honda Gold Wing with Duo in glove box

If you have a 30 pin cable that plugs into the 12V power outlet in the glove box, you can connect that to the CoolStream Duo for constant power.  Otherwise the rechargeable battery lasts for 5 hours.  We have heard from many users that they simply charge the duo with a 30-pin charger and use the aux jack to stream the music.

The CoolStream Duo was tested in a Honda Goldwing by Jeremy O’Brien of Camillus, NY.  He found that the Duo was very easy to use with his iPhone and the sound was great.  During his test he told us “Wahooooo! It works perfectly!!”.