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Tiny Trailer Travels with Honda Goldwing and CoolStream Duo

Honda Goldwing with Tiny Trailer

Our friend and CoolStream Duo fan, Jeremy O’Brien, is on a cross country tour with his Honda Goldwing and Tear Drop Camper.  The trip is aptly named “Tiny Trailer Travels”, and Jeremy will be using his CoolStream Duo to keep the tunes going.

Honda Goldwing and a tiny trailer make long trip in style.

Jeremy started his trip from Syracuse, New York.  He is now in South Carolina and then on to the Florida Keys.  From there he will travel west.  This is a dream trip that Jeremy has been planning for weeks.  While we can’t be out on the road with him, we sure can enjoy the trip from the sidelines wishing we were out on the open road with him.

CoolStream Sponsors Tiny Trailer

CoolStream is sponsoring Jeremy in order to promote wireless music and motorcycle adventures.  We will be checking in with Jeremy throughout his trip and following him on social media.  This will be an exciting trip for Jeremy and he will definitely enjoy making new friends, seeing new sights and cruising down the high way with some great music on his Honda Goldwing.

Tiny Trailer Travels

Click here to visit the TinyTrailerTravel Facebook page.  Share with Jeremy your playlist recommendations.  This is a long trip and we are sure he will need some cool music, so send him your absolute favorite road tunes.  After days on the road we can only imagine he’ll want some new ideas.

If you ride motorcycles, check out the CoolStream Duo for connecting with your music, wherever the road takes you!