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How can I stream music to my old stereo?

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Kit for Auxiliary Ports

How can I stream music to my old stereo is a question we get quite a bit here at CoolStream.

We tend to keep those older stereos or speaker systems that sounded really great back in the day.  Just thinking about them can bring us back in time to epic parties, first apartments, and happy times.

They are the ones that have been spared from yard sales and electronic recycling drives.


Yard sales or a recycling drive is where these go. No rocking stereos here.
No rocking stereos in this yard sale pile.

Check those storage areas.  You never know what you are going to find.  I just did and look at what was collecting dust in my basement!!  I was looking for my old Kenwood tape-to-tape (how else could you share your mixtapes, right?) until I spotted my old Zune Kicker resting on a back shelf, up against the wall.

The Zune Kicker is the perfect stereo for a Bluetooth upgrade with the Duo.

Look at this beauty with my tiny olive green Zune still in it!


And a quick check of the back shows me it has an AUX-IN port.

The AUX In found in Kicker stereo speaker let you stream music from your phone with the CoolStream Duo.
Check your older stereos for an AUX-IN port!
All you need is an AUX.

The AUX-In port on your stereo is the key to a Bluetooth Upgrade.  CoolStream Duo will update older stereo systems to Bluetooth in minutes.

Here’s how it works.

The 3.5 mm AUX cable that comes with your Duo does NOT provide any power.  It is Audio Out, sending your music to your stereo.  We recommend keeping the Duo on an iPod charging cable for on-demand music streaming.  The Duo’s rechargeable battery is equipped with overcharge protection, so feel free to leave the Duo plugged into a charging cable indefinitely.


The CoolStream Duo can be connected to any Stereo AUX-In port using the dual-tipped included cable while charging at the same time.



Once you have everything plugged in and paired to your phone, don’t forget to choose the AUX setting on your stereo.  If your stereo has an AUX port, it will have an AUX setting.


We have the whole kit ready for you.

All the pieces needed to keep your Duo ready to use with an Aux enabled stereo.


To order this kit, or if you have any questions about Bluetooth music streaming, please Contact-Us.  We are always happy to help.


And for you Microsoft Zune fans out there, there are lots of things in the basement…I found all our Zunes, cases, charging docks, and those weird cables.