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How do I add Bluetooth to Bose Wave Radio

How do I add Bluetooth to a Bose Wave Radio is a question we get a lot here at CoolStream. The Wave Radio does not have a 30-pin connector most commonly used to connect to the Duo.  With our CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Kit, adding Bluetooth music streaming to your Bose Radio is easy!

This kit is also compatible with any stereo system that has RCA ports.

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Kit For Bose Wave Radio


How does the CoolStream Bluetooth Kit work?

The CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Kit contains a CoolStream Duo and the RCA to 3.5 cables needed to connect the Duo to the stereo speakers using the RCA ports on the back of the stereo.

The CoolStream Duo connects to the Bose Wave Radio using RCA to 3.5 mm cable found in the CoolWave Kit.

Shown here is a fully charged CoolStream Duo connected to a stereo using an RCA to 3.5 mm cable.  This is all you need to start streaming music from your iPhone or Android phone.  Turn on your Bluetooth, your phone will scan for devices and find the Duo.  Select CoolStream Duo and then play music from your phone’s music library or any streaming app you like.
Keep your Duo charged all the time for continuous streaming.
All of the cables are in the back of the stereo, therefore we have included a USB to 30 pin iPod charging cable and USB wall charger to complete the kit.
By providing continuous power to your Duo, the result is on-demand Bluetooth music streaming on your Bose Wave Radio.
The CoolStream Duo Aux Kit keeps your Duo charged and ready to stream music.
Don’t forget to set your Bose on Aux to enjoy streaming with the Duo.
This Bluetooth Kit will work with any Stereo Speakers with RCA jacks.  Check out this list of the 7  best speakers with RCA input from AudioCruiser.
The RCA ports found on the stereo receivers and the CoolStream Bluetooth Kit for Stereos with RCA Ports are the perfect Bluetooth upgrade to your expensive system.