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So I heard from a number of people in response to the blog regarding that while there are certain advantages to a monthly subscription site (such as the dramatized books as well as recently written novels and best sellers), there are also sites out there that allow you to catch up on your reading for free., is an unbelievable site. You have to check it out. They bill themselves as “Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain” How great is that??? You can sort by author, title, genre/subject or Language. These are volunteers who donate their voice to reading the classics. I am getting some Fahrenheit 451 chills. (Do you remember at the end of the book where they are all walking around reciting the classic to which they had been assigned?) The stories are not the full out sound effect laden productions that one might find on Audible, but to catch up on a classic, learn about a subject, or to put on a story for the kids during an afternoon rest time, it is wonderful. Here is a short sample provide by Anne at Librivox of a poem being read by a gentleman from New Jersey.

I know that my elderly in-laws were total “books-on-tape” fanatics. My father-in-law, Curt, would drive down to the local public library and sort through the selections, and bring home a few books a month on CD’s. Well, he doesn’t drive as frequently…and this is a perfect solution for his needs. The nice part is that with his CoolStream Speaker he and my mother-in-law can listen to a book together with good sound quality and share the experience. All he has to do is go to Librivox and make his selection. Then he can copy it onto a flash drive or an SD card and pop it into his speaker to listen to at his leisure. All of the books have a time listed as to how long the recording is, as well as how much space is needed for the download. You can download chapter by chapter or the whole book.

I think this site is also a great asset to young mothers looking to give their children a chance to use their imaginations. They have the classics like Anne of Green Gables or A little Princess along with literally hundreds of selections of children’s books and poems to choose from. We are all drawn in by a story being read to us and it is such a gift to our children to let them listen to quality writing in the comfort of their own home while they envision the author’s words in their own minds rather than a Hollywood director’s version of what the author’s word meant to the director.

If you happen to have a knack for reading…they are always looking for volunteers to add new selections to the archives. They recently reached the 7,000 book milestone! Please, please, please visit their site. You won’t be sorry.

Author: CoolStream Lover

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