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iPhone 6 and Bose

iPhone 6 plus CoolStream equals Cool Music

New toys are great, like the new iPhone 6.  But what about your old toys that you still love like your Bose Sound Dock?  Well, what you really need is an adapter for your dock.  There is no need to upgrade everything.  The CoolStream Duo is the perfect adapter for the Bose SoundDock.  With the original 30-pin  iPhone connector the Duo fits perfectly on the Dock allowing for easy pairing to your iPhone 6.  Even if loading up music is not your thing, try a Pod Cast.  They are informative, entertaining and available at the touch of a button on a variety of topics.

The New iPhone 6 and Bose SoundDock


Podcasts are a great way to stay current, learn something, or just have a good time.

One of the best ways to stay up with all the news and events in a more in-depth way than a standard 2 minute news segment or a quick tweet is by using the Podcast.  They are available from your favorite radio stations, news outlets and informed personalities.  Downloading or streaming a podcast is the perfect way to use your iPhone 6 and your Bose SoundDock even if you don’t regularly keep music on your Phone.  As an example, one of the most talked-about Podcasts currently is called “Serial“.  In a recent Wall Street Journal article by Ellen Gamerman she cites the unprecedented number of downloads per episode at 1.26 million!  The premise is simple.  A non-fiction weekly series recounting the facts of a 1999 murder.  It has taken the country by storm with celebrities like Danny Zuker (writer and producer of Modern Family) claiming that “my favorite TV show is on the radio”, to a high school English teacher ditching Hamlet to focus his classes on Serial.  Don’t be the last to know, but be sure to start at the beginning, which by the way is another awesome feature of the podcast, the endless archives.


Josh and Chuck host “Stuff you Should Know”

On the lighter side of things are the incredibly likable Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant who host “Stuff you Should Know”.  This Podcast is an amazing collection of random topics that are well-researched and produced with sound effects while enjoyably delivered with the chemistry of the two hosts Josh and Chuck.  Just some recent titles of which there are hundreds in the archives are shows like:  “How Sign Language Works.”  Think about it, do you know how sign language works?  I don’t.  I can just download this podcast and load it up on my phone and play it through my dock whenever I feel the need to expand my knowledge base.  Other titles that caught my attention are:  “How Rogue Waves Work?”  “How Currency Works?”  “What’s the Deal with Headstones?” And even, “Your Limb is Torn Off – Now What?”

It is a busy world out there to be sure, but there are plenty of new and innovative ways to receive the in-depth information we crave in our sound bite world.