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CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones - White

The CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones are highlighted her in a great review for our Spanish-speaking customers.

The CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones have a comfortable fit, with clean lines and lightweight construction.  They are a great travel accessory since they are not bulky and they get the job done without adding extra weight to either your luggage or your carry-on bag.  The wireless aspect allows you to keep your phone either safely tucked away while you listing to music or comfortably in your hand with no wires to get tangled up in anything.  They are also great for wearing while you exercise so your phone can stay in your gym back or even across the room and you’ll never miss a call.  When the call is over your music comes right back on.


The sound quality and battery life make them a sure winner for the very comfortable price of $49.99.  If you are wanting to get away from the more traditional in-ear earphones and are not quite ready to jump into the much pricier and much heavier over the ear headphones then these are an excellent alternative.  Light weight, great sound and a good price makes for an excellent buy.

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