Let’s Talk Tech Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones

Coolstream Bluetooth Headphones Lets Talk Tech

Let’s Talk Tech has recently given the CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones a very favorable review.  The reviewer, Fabio Virgi, wrote “Fortunately for the people who prefer that simpler/sophisticated look, Coolstream’s BTH301 Bluetooth headphones balance out slick design with a compact form factor…The Bottom Line …Coolstream’s lightweight & elegant design makes them super versatile in terms of how they’re used, whether it’s for the gym, a flight or just at home.”

To the reviewer the super lightweight construction and slim fitting design was well received especially at their $49.99 price point.  The sound quality and the battery life all lived up to expectations and exceeded in some areas.  For those who are looking to move away from the in-ear headphones and just aren’t ready to dive into the gigantic over the ear headphones the Coolstream Bluetooth Headphones are a great alternative.

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