Marine Stereos and CoolStream

Marine Stereos and CoolStream

Announcing the CoolStream Marine Stereos Beta Tester Program

Riding along in the open water listening to Tunes is great. Having your music stream via Bluetooth is even better. If your boat came with a stereo equipped with a traditional 30-pin Apple iPod connector then you may be in luck.

We have been testing our CoolStream Bluetooth Receivers, the CoolStream Duo and the CoolStream CarPro with a variety of marine stereos.

We are happy to report some good results.

Here’s what we know so far:

Fusion True-Marine™ Stereo Model MS-RA205 is compatible with the CarPro.

Fusion Marine DVD Stereo Model MS-AV600 is compatible with the CarPro (FAQ).

Fusion Marine Stereo for iPod Model MS-IP600 is compatible with the CarPro only (the Duo will not work with this stereo).

Jenson Marine Radio MSR2107 is compatible with both the CarPro and the Duo.

Sony FM/AM Splash-proof Marine CD Player Receiver with iPod® Model CDX-H905IP is compatible with the Duo.

We are launching our Marine Stereo Beta Tester Program:

Here’s how it works:

If you don’t see your marine stereo listed above then perhaps you can be part of our Marine Stereos Beta Tester Program.

First, use our handy online form to Contact Us (or use form below). Please make sure to include the exact model of your stereo, the year make and model of your boat and your best shipping address. If your stereo is eligible to be part of the program we will send you two of our CoolStream adapters to try on your boat for free.

If either one or both of our adapters is compatible with your marine stereo then they will be yours to keep.

All that we ask is that you let us know the results of your test. If it is successful we would like three pictures. The first would be of the front of your stereo, the second would be of the CoolStream Device inside the stereo on the connector and last it would be great to see a picture of your boat.