What is The Best Mother’s Day Gift

The CoolStream Bluetooth Portable Speaker is the perfect accessory for any Literary Lover

What is the best Mother’s Day gift this year? Well it would have to be a portable speaker and a book on tape. And I’ll tell you why.

Let’s just say that like it or not, Moms are pretty good at multi-tasking. How great would it be to get one of those books you have been dying to read, but just can’t seem to find the time to do so, on tape!? If you had a portable speaker, you could download said book onto a flash-drive, or an SD Card, or even just stream it from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and never miss a beat. Chapter one, cleaning up those breakfast dishes, Chapter two, folding laundry, Chapter 3, clean a bathroom…You get the idea. Turn that household drudgery into a literary awareness moment. I can’t really take credit for this idea because it actually came from a conversation I recently overheard my children having about what to get me for mother’s day.

Sometimes eavesdropping pays off, especially for Mother’s Day.

So to start off, I really should explain that I have one child who readily admits “I don’t get sarcasm” and quite frankly she is a bit averse to nuance as well. That being said, her heart is huge and most definitely in the right place. Now they know that I love to read and that I love music. I have also recently become quite attached to my Bluetooth Speaker and will bring it with me wherever I go. Out on the deck for some morning coffee, up to my bathroom for hair and makeup, and definitely on vacation…it is a hotel room must.

Mother's Day gift is a book on tape

So the conversation was between the two sisters. Amongst some more traditional Mother’s Day suggestions the little one pipes in “hey, maybe we could get Mom a book on tape for Mother’s Day?” This seems like a pretty good idea, right, considering my interests? To which my beloved elder child responded, “I don’t know, that sounds kind of boring. Do they talk about anything else except tape?”

True story. They are 12 and 15 and I have never loved them more. Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother's Day

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