NH Tech Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones

CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones - White

NH Tech, a fellow NH company, reviews the CoolStream Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.  This New Hampshire native shows the unboxing of the Headphones which come in both Black and White.  The feature he liked the most was the snug comfortable fit for exercising.  He wore his biking and felt that they would not come loose or slide around even at high rates of speed.  The pairing process with your smartphone is easy and you know you will never miss a call.  When a call comes in your headphones will stop the music and using the integrated microphone allow you to take your call.  When you are done, simple press the button and your music will resume right where you left off.

NH Tech has prepared this video, please click on it to take a look.


Author: CoolStream Update

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