PadGadget Give CoolStream Speaker 4.5 Stars

CoolStream Speaker with tablet phone laptop

PadGadget did an in-depth review of the CoolStream Speaker.

The reviewer found that despite its small and portable size the Coolstream Speaker packs a powerful audio punch.  The versatility of having the speaker turn into a speaker phone while pausing the music was particularly surprisingly pleasant.  After your phone call you seamlessly return to your music which is so much better than running to turn it down while you take your call.  Also, this can all be done wirelessly and hands-free which leaves you plenty of flexibility to multi-task while either taking your calls or enjoying your tunes.  The sound quality of your calls on the speaker is excellent and allows for typing or surfing the web while you are on the phone.

So along with the size of the speaker and the quality of the sound the reviewer was also happy with all of the ways you can listen to your music.  Whether you are streaming from your phone or tablet using Bluetooth, have your favorite playlist loaded up on either a flash-drive or an SD Card, or plugged into your ipod with a 3.5 mm jack (cable included) the music never has to stop.


The result was 4.5 stars! Read the full article.

Author: CoolStream Update

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