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SchwarzTech Gives CoolStream Duo 4.5 Stars

Schwarz Tech Duo

SchwarzTech has done a complete review of the CoolStream Duo.  They have awarded the new Bluetooth receiver from CoolStream 4.5 stars.

The summary from SchwarzTech is as follows:

Pros – Good streaming quality, fast pairing, 5V and 12V power, battery option.

Cons – Could use battery indicator on device, must remember switch position.

The review noted many of the features that make the Duo such a value for the $39.99 price.  The 3.5 mm duel ended cable is include, which they note is a nice touch, the sound quality is good and the range of operation is good.  the fact that the Duo can be used in a variety of situations from a docking station in your home, to a portable dock outside, to your car makes it very versatile.

The reviewer also thought it should possibly have been called the Trio since you can not only use it on a dock or in a car, but you could also make a pair of Bluetooth headphones out of traditionally wired headphones.

Go to SchwarzTech to read the whole review of the CoolStream Duo.

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