Does Apple iPod HiFi work with the CoolStream Duo?

Yes, the CoolStream Duo does work with the Apple iPod HiFi speaker.  Just plug the Duo into the 30 pin connector, and now your Apple HiFi is a Bluetooth speaker. You can stream music from an iPhone 6 or the latest Samsung using Bluetooth.  Please note that a power adapter is not necessary.   For many iPod … Continue reading “Does Apple iPod HiFi work with the CoolStream Duo?”

Apple iPod HiFi “Rejuvenated” by CoolStream Duo

Apple fans are always caught between wanting to buy the latest and greatest Apple product, while also wanting to keep their current device relevant and useful. This has been especially hard for the lovers of the Apple iPod HiFi Dock. The Apple iPod Hifi was released in February 2006 and then discontinued by Apple in … Continue reading “Apple iPod HiFi “Rejuvenated” by CoolStream Duo”