What is The Best Mother’s Day Gift

What is the best Mother’s Day gift this year? Well it would have to be a portable speaker and a book on tape. And I’ll tell you why. Let’s just say that like it or not, Moms are pretty good at multi-tasking. How great would it be to get one of those books you have been dying … Continue reading “What is The Best Mother’s Day Gift”

The secret to a good trip is the tunes…

There is always that certain thrill that pulsates through your veins when you first arrive at the airport.  The anticipation of “getting away” or “having an adventure” raises the blood pressure a little.  Face it, you always want to have a good trip.  So ,whether you are checking your bags, or wheeling right along with … Continue reading “The secret to a good trip is the tunes…”

How to catch up on your reading for FREE

So I heard from a number of people in response to the blog regarding Audible.com that while there are certain advantages to a monthly subscription site (such as the dramatized books as well as recently written novels and best sellers), there are also sites out there that allow you to catch up on your reading for … Continue reading “How to catch up on your reading for FREE”

Portable entertainment for the literary lover

Although these days I am more of a literary lover, back in the day of the transistor radio, I used to listen to a show called Mystery Theater on the radio while my parents thought I was sleeping. There would be tales of creepy people getting away with sordid and nefarious deeds until their plots … Continue reading “Portable entertainment for the literary lover”