Dan from Australia Reviews CoolStream Duo 

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver in the box

The latest review of a CoolStream product comes from Dan Davis of Australia and he reviews the CoolStream Duo on his YouTube channel, DansTube.TV (TheIpodTouchWorld).  With the help of his friend Tyrone, Dan tests the CoolStream Duo with a variety of Bluetooth enabled devices and found it was “quite easy to connect” and that it was “a […]

Bluetooth Music Receiver for Harley Davidson Road King 

Road King with CoolStream Duo

The summer is here and  you are riding to work on your Harley Davidson motorcycle.  That trip to work will be a lot easier with the right music. But you bought a new phone, the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy.  It does not fit on the iPod cable.  Is there a cool and easy solution […]

Honda Goldwing Accessory Connects Speakers to Phone Wirelessly 

Honda Goldwing with Duo and an arrow pointing to where it resides on the bike.

CoolStream Duo is the newest accessory for the Honda Goldwing. The CoolStream Duo is a Bluetooth device that allows you to stream music from any smart phone to the Honda Goldwing’s speakers wirelessly. How does it work you ask?  Well it is very easy and pretty slick.  You just plug the CoolStream Duo into the […]

Duo gets 5 Stars from RunAroundTech 

Coolstream Duo as shown in RunAroundTech

Larry Greenberg from RunAroundTech has given the CoolStream Duo 5 stars. RunAroundTech has concluded that the Duo is a winner. PROS: Works with 30 pin connector or AUX. Affordable. Battery option. CONS: None. Make sure to visit the link above and/or checkout the video below.   The variety of options and uses included in the Coolstream […]

SchwarzTech Gives CoolStream Duo 4.5 Stars 

Schwarz Tech Duo

SchwarzTech has done a complete review of the CoolStream Duo.  They have awarded the new Bluetooth receiver from CoolStream 4.5 stars. The summary from SchwarzTech is as follows: Pros – Good streaming quality, fast pairing, 5V and 12V power, battery option. Cons – Could use battery indicator on device, must remember switch position. The review noted many […]

The New CoolStream Duo 

CoolStream Duo diagram 300x300

PRESS RELEASE Exeter, NH November 19, 2013 – The CoolStream Duo is the latest Bluetooth receiver from Exeter Science & Entertainment. This new version has the same 30-pin connector from their original model, (The CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver) but also features a new 3.5mm auxiliary jack and rechargeable battery.   These new features allow the CoolStream […]


CoolStream with phone we call it CoolStreaming while multi-tasking as mentioned in the gadgeteer and AppleInvestigator

How Cool is CoolStreaming? We call it CoolStreaming, but really how cool is the idea of music streaming? In a word, very. Couple music streaming with using your CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver so you don’t lose the access to your phone whilst you stream and you are in a whole new world of relaxed and productive. […]

The Green Solution to Electronics is Really Blue 

CoolStream green

Who knew to go green you really have to go blue.  We try to recycle and reuse everything these days.  Just watch a few hours of HG TV and you will see dumpster diving, refinishing an old table to look new, reupholstering chairs, tin cans turned into artwork and even the occasional Murphy bed.  It’s […]

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