Will the CoolStream Duo work with the Aux port in my car? 

Image of the Aux port in the console of a BMW

Yes, the CoolStream Duo will work with the Aux port in your car.  If you have an Auxiliary port, better known as an Aux port then you can use the CoolStream Duo to stream music in your car or motorcycle. The CoolStream Duo has an internal rechargeable battery.  This means that once you have charged […]

Does CoolStream CarPro sync automatically when you get into the car? 

When you turn on the car the CoolStream CarPro will automatically power on and pair to the last device that it worked with.

What is the different between the CoolStream CarPro and the Coolstream Duo? 

The CoolStream Duo does not work with any Audi model built in 2008 or later. The CoolStream CarPro works with Audi and supports the display of music saved on your iPhone. It also supports the steering wheel controls so that you can manage the music saved on your phone. The Duo does not support either […]

The CarPro is connected but the music volume is very low. How can I fix it? 

Please make sure that your iPhone’s volume is at Maximum when you play music.

Can I use the Hands Free for phone calls when using the CarPro in an Audi? 

Yes, your phone can be paired to the Hands Free of the Audi and to the CarPro at the same time.  If your phone rings, the music will automatically pause and you can use the steering wheel controls to answer your phone.  Once the phone call has ended the music will begin playing again. If […]

Can I only play music from my music library or can I play music off Pandora or Youtube also? 

Yes, you can play music not only from your music library but from Pandora and YouTube. The CarPro does not support the steering wheel forward track or back track buttons when using Pandora or YouTube.   CoolStream is a trademark owned by Exeter Science & Entertainment LLC. Exeter Science & Entertainment warrants it products against […]

Bluetooth for Car 

Bluetooth Car Kit CoolStream

Android Headlines Reviews the CarChat+ by CoolStream Android Headlines immediately points out that a lot of cars on the road are not equipped with Bluetooth, and that they need a Bluetooth for Car device that supports phone calls and music streaming. The reviewer notes that his 2009 Chevy Aveo does not have Bluetooth capabilities, but […]

Bluetooth Car Kit and Dual USB Charger 

Bluetooth car kit by CoolStream

The Gadgeteer Product Review: Bluetooth Car Kit and Dual USB Charger by CoolStream The Gadgeteer has reviewed the CoolStream Car Chat Plus, a Bluetooth car kit and dual USB charger.   The reviewer compared the CoolStream Car Chat+ to a Swiss Army Knife, it is “like having several devices in one”. Steve Holt, the reviewer from […]

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