What is 3D Audio and Why You Will Love the CoolStream BOOM!

3D Audio is sound technology which is changing the way we hear recorded sound by processing the audio to better mimic how we perceive the real world. The CoolStream BOOM! contains an internal audio processor that gives you a better spatial feeling of sound.  For example, when sound comes from the left, you hear it … Continue reading “What is 3D Audio and Why You Will Love the CoolStream BOOM!”

SchwarzTech Gives CoolStream Duo 4.5 Stars

SchwarzTech has done a complete review of the CoolStream Duo.  They have awarded the new Bluetooth receiver from CoolStream 4.5 stars. The summary from SchwarzTech is as follows: Pros – Good streaming quality, fast pairing, 5V and 12V power, battery option. Cons – Could use battery indicator on device, must remember switch position. The review noted many … Continue reading “SchwarzTech Gives CoolStream Duo 4.5 Stars”

Making Bluetooth Ear Buds out of Any Ear Buds?

With the ability to turn any pair of ear buds into Bluetooth Ear Buds, we really should have named the CoolStream Duo, the CoolStream Trio.  Not only can you use it to wirelessly stream music on your docking station and through the headphone jack in your car, but now you can turn any pair of … Continue reading “Making Bluetooth Ear Buds out of Any Ear Buds?”