Is my Audi MMI 2G or 3G?

Is your Audi MMI a 2G or 3G system?  Use the following steps to know for sure. The MMI must be 3G to be compatible with  The CoolStream CarPro. The CarPro is not compatible with the Audi 2G system.

Therefore, identifying your Audi MMI stereo system as 2G or 3G will determine if the CoolStream CarPro is a viable Bluetooth music streaming solution for your car.Continue reading: Is my Audi MMI 2G or 3G?

Troubleshooting Tips for CarPro

The CoolStream CarPro connects your vehicle stereo to your phone via the manufacturer’s MMI iPod cable for Bluetooth music streaming. Different car or motorcycle stereos and phones may require unique settings, power adapters for underpowered cables, or specific pairing steps to complete the connection for music streaming. We cover everything you need to know to get your music playing.

Does the Toyota 2008 Land Cruiser work with the CarPro?

Yes, the CoolStream CarPro for BMW will work with the Toyota 2008 Land Cruiser.  You will be able to connect your iPhone (including iPhone 7) or Android phone to the CarPro through Bluetooth and stream your music to the Toyota’s speakers.  For the CarPro to communicate with the Toyota entertainment system, there must be at least 1 song saved to your phone’s music library.Continue reading: Does the Toyota 2008 Land Cruiser work with the CarPro?