Pair Apple Watch with Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers 

Coolstream Bluetooth Headphones Lets Talk Tech

All the top electronics shows so far in 2015 are including displays of a trending set of gadgets, namely wearables. One hot item that just hit the shelves, is receiving much attention in the News Media and is also popular on Social Media is the Apple Watch. But we are not here to discuss that particular […]

If I stop listening to music, will CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones turn off by itself? 

This FAQ answers  if I stop listening to music, will CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones turn off by itself? No, the BTH301 will NOT turn off by itself. If you stop listening to music, you must turn off the BTH301 in order to conserve the battery’s power. Note that charging the battery while the Headphones are not in […]

Can CoolStream Bluetooth Stereo Headphones be used on a plane? 

This FAQ answers can CoolStream Bluetooth Stereo Headphones be used on a plane? Each airline determines its own rules regarding the use of Portable Electronic Devices on its flights. The FAA dictates the guidelines of how the airlines must determine the safety parameters for Portable Electronic Devices. So our best advice is for you to […]

3 Ways to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day 

Celebrate Singles Awareness Day with CoolStream Duo, Speaker or Headphones.

So you have to imagine for all of those people in love, ready to celebrate by rushing to buy flowers, candy, CoolStream Bluetooth Portable Speakers, for their Valentine, there are no doubt just as many singles not-quite-ready-to-mingle looking for a way to pass Valentine’s Day with their heart intact and a smile on their faces. […]

Let’s Talk Tech Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones 

Coolstream Bluetooth Headphones Lets Talk Tech

Let’s Talk Tech has recently given the CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones a very favorable review.  The reviewer, Fabio Virgi, wrote “Fortunately for the people who prefer that simpler/sophisticated look, Coolstream’s BTH301 Bluetooth headphones balance out slick design with a compact form factor…The Bottom Line …Coolstream’s lightweight & elegant design makes them super versatile in terms of […]

The secret to a good trip is the tunes… 

Headphones Travel

There is always that certain thrill that pulsates through your veins when you first arrive at the airport.  The anticipation of “getting away” or “having an adventure” raises the blood pressure a little.  Face it, you always want to have a good trip.  So ,whether you are checking your bags, or wheeling right along with […]

iPhone Droid eReviews – CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones in Spanish 

CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones - White

The CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones are highlighted her in a great review for our Spanish-speaking customers. The CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones have a comfortable fit, with clean lines and lightweight construction.  They are a great travel accessory since they are not bulky and they get the job done without adding extra weight to either your luggage or […]

CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones the best garden tool 

CoolStream Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are a perfect tool for the Garden

What could be better than working in your garden on a crisp fall day?  Well working while you’re listening to music of course.  I remember when the LG Chocolate first came out; endorsed by none other than Christina Aguilera…I had to have it.  An MP3 player and a phone???  Now I knew then, they were […]

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