Will the CoolStream Duo work with the Aux port in my car? 

Image of the Aux port in the console of a BMW

Yes, the CoolStream Duo will work with the Aux port in your car.  If you have an Auxiliary port, better known as an Aux port then you can use the CoolStream Duo to stream music in your car or motorcycle. The CoolStream Duo has an internal rechargeable battery.  This means that once you have charged […]

Will CoolStream Duo work with Bose SoundDock III? 

CoolStream Duo working with the Bose SoundDock 3

Will the CoolStream Duo work with the Bose SoundDock III?  The answer is yes.  While the Bose SoundDock III comes with the lightning connector and the CoolStream Duo is designed to fit the original iPod connector you will need a workaround.  The solution is to use the rechargeable battery feature of the CoolStream Duo.  You […]

Can I use the Hands Free for phone calls when using the CarPro in an Audi? 

Yes, your phone can be paired to the Hands Free of the Audi and to the CarPro at the same time.  If your phone rings, the music will automatically pause and you can use the steering wheel controls to answer your phone.  Once the phone call has ended the music will begin playing again. If […]

Pair Apple Watch with Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers 

Coolstream Bluetooth Headphones Lets Talk Tech

All the top electronics shows so far in 2015 are including displays of a trending set of gadgets, namely wearables. One hot item that just hit the shelves, is receiving much attention in the News Media and is also popular on Social Media is the Apple Watch. But we are not here to discuss that particular […]

Car Stereo Bluetooth Solution 

February Vacation is better with CoolStream Car Chat Plus

CoolStream has the perfect Car Stereo Bluetooth Solution. Review Horizon has recently tested CoolStream’s car stereo Bluetooth solution, the Car Chat Plus.  The reviewer made a road trip with his Honda Odyssey and tested the CoolStream car stereo Bluetooth upgrade. The thorough report covers ease of pairing, hands free calling, music streaming and even having his […]

Three Reasons Why Dad Loves Bluetooth Headphones 

Dad working in the office wearing his CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones

Busy dads love gadgets that are versatile and can be used in different situations. For me, I have three reasons why I love my Bluetooth headphones from CoolStream. 1. Bluetooth headphones make odd jobs around the house easier. When it’s time to pull out the paint brushes or some other “fun” job around the house, […]

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