Pair Apple Watch with Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers 

Coolstream Bluetooth Headphones Lets Talk Tech

All the top electronics shows so far in 2015 are including displays of a trending set of gadgets, namely wearables. One hot item that just hit the shelves, is receiving much attention in the News Media and is also popular on Social Media is the Apple Watch. But we are not here to discuss that particular […]

Halloween music just as spooky as you need. 

For Halloween use CoolStream, Props and Spotify

So with a little bit of planning and some time spent on Spotify your Halloween will be absolutely diabolically wicked.  It is so easy to put together the perfect play list for whatever spooky gathering you are getting ready for this year. My personal favorite is to put a portable speaker on the front porch […]

No Wi-Fi no Worries 

No Wi-Fi No Worries load some music on your phone

On a recent weekend getaway the family was faced with an interesting and unusual dilemma. No Wi-Fi, eek.  But as you will see, we learned that No Wi-Fi no worries. Like many families, we are on a data sharing plan.  So, when faced with no Wi-Fi, abject panic set in. Immediately fingers were pointing at the youngest […]

Tattooed Mom Reviews CoolStream Speaker 

The CoolStream Bluetooth Speaker sitting on a garment bag is the best travel accessory

The CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker has received an excellent review from Ramblings of a Tattooed Mom.  She says the “single feature which separates it from the many other Bluetooth speakers just like it. The ability to play your music from virtually any source.” The extra features in a CoolStream Speaker make all the difference. The CoolStream […]

3 Ways to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day 

Celebrate Singles Awareness Day with CoolStream Duo, Speaker or Headphones.

So you have to imagine for all of those people in love, ready to celebrate by rushing to buy flowers, candy, CoolStream Bluetooth Portable Speakers, for their Valentine, there are no doubt just as many singles not-quite-ready-to-mingle looking for a way to pass Valentine’s Day with their heart intact and a smile on their faces. […]

For the Perfect Date, get yourself a theme…song. 

The CoolStream Speaker and a cute plush dog is the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Well, Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. Yes, it is that time of year where cupid is very busy and everyone is trying to figure out the perfect way to express your love for that someone special from a new crush to a spouse of many years.  Now there was a time when I […]

A great game for the whole family. 

  At a recent gathering of family and friends our very smart friend Lisa created a great game.  It was a wonderful way for the parents and the kids to play a game that included everyone, along with a lot of laughs peppered with some well-placed groans. It was our own version of an updated […]

Set the perfect atmosphere at Christmas? 

Christmas branch and speaker 250 x167

There are Christmas cookies, pine scented candles, decorated wreathes, lights, cameras and of course the music.  Well this year we are a adding a new wrinkle to our overall atmosphere.  A small, portable speaker cued up with all our favorite Christmas standards tastefully tucked under the tree to add the perfect layer of warmth and […]

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