How to pair CoolStream Duo with Mobile Device? 

This FAQ answers how to pair CoolStream Duo with Mobile Device. Please refer to the CoolStream Duo Quick Start Guide to receive instructions depending on whether you are Playing Music from a Docking Station with a 30-Pin connector, Playing Music from a Docking Station via 3.5mm Jack, Playing Music from a Home or Car Stereo […]

Finally, the perfect stocking stuffer for him! 

The Best stocking-stuffer this season is a CoolStream Duo for your gadget guy

No need to stress about the perfect stocking stuffer for that ‘hard to buy’ guy in your life. The CoolStream Duo is just the cool kind of gadget that will make his eyes twinkle with that “I can’t wait to check this out” kind of happy. Your gadget guy will love the versatility the Duo […]

How to Connect 2 Mobile Devices at the Same Time – (Multipoint Technology)? 

This FAQ answers How to Connect 2 Mobile Devices at the Same Time – (Multipoint Technology) 1. Pair device number 1 per the CoolStream Duo Quick Start Guide. 2. Go to settings on device number 1 and turn off Bluetooth function. 3. Go to settings on device number 2 and under Bluetooth scan for devices. […]

CoolStream Duo Now Features Multipoint Technology 

Duo Multipoint Version 2

Multipoint Technology and CoolStream Press Release Exeter, NH September 24, 2014 – CoolStream announces that they have upgraded their Bluetooth receiver, the CoolStream Duo, to feature Multipoint Technology. Multipoint allows users to pair two devices (i.e. 2 phones or a phone and a tablet) to one CoolStream Duo at the same time. Users will now […]

Connect iPhone 6 to Bose Sound Dock with CoolStream 

The CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver makes your mobile device even more amazing than ever.

How to connect my iPhone 6 to my Bose Sound Dock will be a popular question come late September.  We are all certainly anxiously awaiting all the new fancy features, but the bottom line, (pun intended) is that the iPhone 6 will have the lightening connector and not the original Apple 30-pin connector.  This means […]

Amazon Reviews give 4.3 Stars to the CoolStream Duo 

CoolStream Duo being placed on a Bose Sound Dock

Amazon reviews give 4.3 stars to the CoolStream Duo as of July 25, 2014.  Well over 100 people have already submitted their reviews of the CoolStream Duo with 72 giving 5 stars.  The CoolStream Duo is the Bluetooth adapter that creates the wireless link between your phone and iPod dock or car radio.  Using your […]

Dan from Australia Reviews CoolStream Duo 

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver in the box

The latest review of a CoolStream product comes from Dan Davis of Australia and he reviews the CoolStream Duo on his YouTube channel, DansTube.TV (TheIpodTouchWorld).  With the help of his friend Tyrone, Dan tests the CoolStream Duo with a variety of Bluetooth enabled devices and found it was “quite easy to connect” and that it was “a […]

Tiny Trailer Travels with Honda Goldwing and CoolStream Duo 

Honda Goldwing with Tiny Trailer

Our friend and CoolStream Duo fan, Jeremy O’Brien, is on a cross country tour with his Honda Goldwing and Tear Drop Camper.  The trip is aptly named “Tiny Trailer Travels”, and Jeremy will be using his CoolStream Duo to keep the tunes going. Honda Goldwing and a tiny trailer make long trip in style. Jeremy […]

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