Halloween music just as spooky as you need. 

For Halloween use CoolStream, Props and Spotify

So with a little bit of planning and some time spent on Spotify your Halloween will be absolutely diabolically wicked.  It is so easy to put together the perfect play list for whatever spooky gathering you are getting ready for this year. My personal favorite is to put a portable speaker on the front porch […]

Spooky Music Sets the Tone for the Halloween Spirit 

The CoolStream Bluetooth Speaker is all decked out for Halloween to play some Spooky Music.

Spooky Music is the perfect way to create just the right spooky atmosphere at Halloween.  It can be a bit of its own trick, but when done well it is definitely a treat.  Unlike other holidays where there are a plethora of descriptive songs Halloween is more of a spirit laden atmospheric thrill ride than […]

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