Will the CoolStream Duo work with the Aux port in my car? 

Image of the Aux port in the console of a BMW

Yes, the CoolStream Duo will work with the Aux port in your car.  If you have an Auxiliary port, better known as an Aux port then you can use the CoolStream Duo to stream music in your car or motorcycle. The CoolStream Duo has an internal rechargeable battery.  This means that once you have charged […]

Tiny Trailer Travels with Honda Goldwing and CoolStream Duo 

Honda Goldwing with Tiny Trailer

Our friend and CoolStream Duo fan, Jeremy O’Brien, is on a cross country tour with his Honda Goldwing and Tear Drop Camper.  The trip is aptly named “Tiny Trailer Travels”, and Jeremy will be using his CoolStream Duo to keep the tunes going. Honda Goldwing and a tiny trailer make long trip in style. Jeremy […]

Honda Goldwing Accessory Connects Speakers to Phone Wirelessly 

Honda Goldwing with Duo and an arrow pointing to where it resides on the bike.

CoolStream Duo is the newest accessory for the Honda Goldwing. The CoolStream Duo is a Bluetooth device that allows you to stream music from any smart phone to the Honda Goldwing’s speakers wirelessly. How does it work you ask?  Well it is very easy and pretty slick.  You just plug the CoolStream Duo into the […]

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