How do I control the songs using the CarPro on my Victory motorcycle?

Yes, the CoolStream CarPro for BMW supports song control on your Victory motorcycle with the handlebar buttons. If you are having problems getting the songs to advance forward or back (ie Android phone users), we recommend the following solution.   Press down on the “TUN +” or “TUN –“ three times.   On the display should appear … Continue reading “How do I control the songs using the CarPro on my Victory motorcycle?”

Another Victory for CoolStream CarPro

Well score another Victory for CoolStream with the new CoolStream CarPro!  This week we can report some really great news for the Victory Motorcycle community.  We recently received the test results of a CoolStream CarPro on a 2009 Victory Vision by Rex, aka Brother Wind.  We are happy to tell you that the CoolStream CarPro was a complete success in pairing and delivering wireless … Continue reading “Another Victory for CoolStream CarPro”

Connect Victory Motorcycle Stereo to Your Android Phone

The good weather is here and you are riding your Victory Motorcycle.  What is better than enjoying fine weather while enjoying the freedom of your Victory?  Maybe just adding your own music to this adventure. But you bought the new iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy.  How do you connect your new phone to the … Continue reading “Connect Victory Motorcycle Stereo to Your Android Phone”