Tattooed Mom Reviews CoolStream Speaker 

The CoolStream Bluetooth Speaker sitting on a garment bag is the best travel accessory

The CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker has received an excellent review from Ramblings of a Tattooed Mom.  She says the “single feature which separates it from the many other Bluetooth speakers just like it. The ability to play your music from virtually any source.” The extra features in a CoolStream Speaker make all the difference. The CoolStream […]

If I stop using CoolStream Bluetooth Portable Speakers, will it turn off by itself? 

This FAQ answers if I stop using CoolStream Bluetooth Portable Speakers, will it turn off by itself? No, the BTS201 will NOT turn off by itself. If you stop listening to music, you must turn off the CoolStream Portable Speakers Model BTS-201 in order to conserve the battery’s power. Note that charging the battery while […]

What is The Best Mother’s Day Gift 

The CoolStream Bluetooth Portable Speaker is the perfect accessory for any Literary Lover

What is the best Mother’s Day gift this year? Well it would have to be a portable speaker and a book on tape. And I’ll tell you why. Let’s just say that like it or not, Moms are pretty good at multi-tasking. How great would it be to get one of those books you have been dying […]

How to catch up on your reading for FREE 


So I heard from a number of people in response to the blog regarding that while there are certain advantages to a monthly subscription site (such as the dramatized books as well as recently written novels and best sellers), there are also sites out there that allow you to catch up on your reading for […]

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