Tattooed Mom Reviews CoolStream Speaker

The CoolStream Bluetooth Speaker sitting on a garment bag is the best travel accessory

The CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker has received an excellent review from Ramblings of a Tattooed Mom.  She says the “single feature which separates it from the many other Bluetooth speakers just like it. The ability to play your music from virtually any source.”

The extra features in a CoolStream Speaker make all the difference.

The CoolStream Speaker is equipped with not only Bluetooth for easily pairing to your iPhone, iPad or any Bluetooth enabled device, but also has a slot for and SD Card, and AUX port, as well as a USB port for a flash drive.  This makes it a very versatile device that you can use anywhere.  These extra features really separates it from other speakers she’s tried.  If you have a favorite playlist for a party or even a book on tape you can copy it onto a flash drive and take it with you where ever you go.

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