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The Green Solution to Electronics is Really Blue

CoolStream green

Who knew to go green you really have to go blue.  We try to recycle and reuse everything these days.  Just watch a few hours of HG TV and you will see dumpster diving, refinishing an old table to look new, reupholstering chairs, tin cans turned into artwork and even the occasional Murphy bed.  It’s a wall, now it’s a bed, now it’s a wall…

There has yet to be however a really good solutions for recycling and reusing our electronics.  This dilemma results in people hovering at the electronics counter for hours debating over every purchase.  They are certain that as soon as the cashier hands them the receipt a stock person will be putting the newest, latest and greatest electronic wonder in the empty space previously occupied by their now outdated relic.  Such is the “grass is always greener” world of electronics.  Or is it????

When you bought your docking station it was the greatest.  You could put your iphone on it, charge it and listen to music.  It drew oohs and aahs from the friends and neighbors who immediately went out to see if there was a better one in the empty spot left by your purchase.  That was a few years ago, and unlike the miracles witnessed on HGTV, you cannot slap a fresh coat of paint or hot glue some Swarovski crystals on your docking station to upgrade it.

What you can do to be greener is to upgrade with Bluetooth.  No, not go out and buy a new docking station with integrated Bluetooth, but rather add a small, light, easy to use CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver that will pop right onto your vintage docking station bringing you right into the Bluetooth craze without adding another artifact to the electronic wasteland in your basement.

Now that’s cool, and green.