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There’s a Dongle in My Glove Box

CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver on a dongle

So I recently bought a new car with a dongle in it.  Well,its  not a “new car”, but a “new to me car”. It is my first Mercedes-Benz and it is awesome. It came with lots of bells and whistles. It is the first time that I’ve ever had to read a manual because there were so many accessories.

One thing I was not expecting was when I opened up the glove box and found a short little wire for an ipod or an iphone..the dongle. Apple Products really are everywhere. So I plugged in my iphone and even though it wouldn’t charge it…strange because it looked like a charging cable, it would let me play my music from my phone through my car stereo. At first I thought this is so amazing, until as I was grooving along to my tunes, not the radio, my tunes, my itunes to be exact, and I got a call. OK, now what? The phone is in the glove box attached to a cable. Hardly the convenience I had envisioned.

Then I got a Coolstream. Now this is really awesome. I put the Coolstream on the dongle in my glove box, turn on the Bluetooth function on my phone, pressed the button on the Coolstream for 3 seconds and pair my phone to the Coolstream. Done. Now I have my phone handy for changing the music which is playing beautifully through my car stereo, and when I get a call the music stops and I can take the call. As soon as I hang up the music comes back on right where it left off.

Oh, and that charging issue, is no longer an issue. Since I have my CoolStream in the glove box on the dongle, I can use the lighter option for charging my phone on the console or the USB port in the car with a regular iphone charger. Either way having my phone next to me instead of in the glove box makes the CoolStream really COOL.