Three Reasons Why Dad Loves Bluetooth Headphones

Dad working in the office wearing his CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones

Busy dads love gadgets that are versatile and can be used in different situations. For me, I have three reasons why I love my Bluetooth headphones from CoolStream.

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1. Bluetooth headphones make odd jobs around the house easier.
When it’s time to pull out the paint brushes or some other “fun” job around the house, I just put on my headphones and start up the music. It makes the work go by faster, and I am not bothered by nagging children or advice from my wife. But if someone does happen to call me, I can still take it using the headphones.

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2. Bluetooth headphones make office calls easier.
In the office when I know I am going to have a long conference call, I put on the Bluetooth headphones. I do not need to keep the phone at my ear, and my hands are free to check information in my computer. I hear everyone very clearly on the call, and everyone is always shocked that the microphone on my headphones works so well.

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3. Bluetooth headphones make reading and listening to music easier.
I love to listen to jazz while I am reading, and I don’t need the children criticizing my music when I have a few minutes to relax. So I just grab my tablet and connect it to my trusty Bluetooth headphones. I start my music, open up my book and enjoy a few minutes of peace.

My CoolStream Bluetooth headphones are one of the best gadgets that I have. They make work and play easier and more enjoyable. Bluetooth headphones are a great Father’s Day gift.

Author: CoolStream Update

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