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What is 3D Audio and Why You Will Love the CoolStream BOOM!

3D sound is an accoustic illusion

3D Audio is sound technology which is changing the way we hear recorded sound by processing the audio to better mimic how we perceive the real world.

The CoolStream BOOM!
The CoolStream BOOM! with 3D audio processing.

The CoolStream BOOM! contains an internal audio processor that gives you a better spatial feeling of sound.  For example, when sound comes from the left, you hear it louder in your left ear.  It will also take a fraction of a second longer to reach your right ear.  This creates a subtle but noticeable difference.  This is what happens in real life and 3D audio tries to mimic this latency to give the recorded sound a fuller more realistic output.

Graphic depiction of Binaural audio processing

How did we get here?

In the beginning, there was MONO

All the music was recorded using a single channel of audio and then sent out to as a single stream of sound to just one speaker.

Family listening to old fashiond radio
Somehow staring at the lighted dial enhanced the radio experience.

Then we were treated to the advent of STEREO SOUND.

In its simplest form, one can imagine stereo sound as two microphones set up at a live event to simulate our two ears.  The recorded sounds are then mixed so that some parts are channeled to the left and others to the right. When you listen to the final product on separate speakers, it attempts to recreate the experience of being there.

Stereo sound is more like your two ears.
Stereo sound comes from the left and the right making it seem fuller than Mono.


With surround sound, you can have multiple channels being played from various speakers around the room.  Unique sounds come from the left, the right, the back, and the front.  This all happens from the various channels outputting to various speakers to give you a more immersive feeling of sound.

surround sound speaker system improves the experience of movies and television.
Surround sound vastly improved the experience of watching movies and television.

And now we have 3D AUDIO.

3D sound is an accoustic illusion
3D Audio processing creates an acoustic illusion for the listener

What makes 3D audio so revolutionary is that it lets you hear sounds as if they were happening around you and not just coming out of speakers that are near you.  It recreates sound in a much more natural way so it is closer to what you might hear if you were watching, for example, a band play.  The guitar is on the left, the drummer is in the back, the singer is up front and the crowd is all around you.  3D Audio simulates how your ears would perceive this sound information as if were you watching the music live.  This is done electronically by interpreting ‘sound’ as moveable objects rather than just with static channels that can be mixed.

What does this mean for audio recording and how will it sound?

Here is an amazing audio demo to give you an idea of what is now possible by using 3D audio.

So why are you going to love the BOOM!?

The CoolStream BOOM! on a Bose SoundDock II.
Listen to your music in the movie mode and you will know why we called it the BOOM!

You already LOVE, and more importantly, HAVE a 30-pin docking station.  With the CoolStream BOOM! you can bring your dock back to life and upgrade the sound to 3D audio.  The internal processor in the CoolStream BOOM! gives you a more realistic sound experience.  There are 3 different settings to give you options depending on your taste.  Red and green is the music mode, Red is the movie mode and Green is the gaming mode.

CoolStream BOOM! Bluetooth Receiver with Beats Headphones
Just imagine the power of 3D Audio from the BOOM! with your Beats Headphones!

But even better than that, the BOOM! includes a 3.5 mm jack so you can enjoy 3D audio using your favorite pair of wired headphones or earbuds. Take it on the go with the ease of volume adjustment, track forward, track back and pause all at your fingertips on the front of the BOOM!