What is the CoolStream CarPro?

Important CARPRO ONLY message. Recent iOS 13 and 14 updates may be causing difficulties with pairing/connectivity. This is not related to the CarPro software.

Please contact us for troubleshooting tips.


The CoolStream CarPro is a small lightweight Bluetooth Receiver designed to stream music from your cell phone to your car or motorcycle stereo using the factory installed 30-pin cable. The CarPro will also allow for the use of the steering wheel functions in your car or the handlebar functions on your motorcycle. If you are using an iPhone for streaming purposes then the CarPro will also allow you to see the song titles on your entertainment screen as they are playing.



CoolStream CarPro


What if I get a phone call?

If you have integrated Bluetooth for Voice in your car already then the CarPro will pause the music when a call comes in. As soon as you hang up from your call the CarPro will seamlessly return to the music right where it left off. The CoolStream CarPro is for music streaming only.


How will I know if it will work for me?

The CarPro has been specifically designed for and will work with:





Mercedes – years 2011 or earlier


Motorcycles Compatible with CarPro

It is important to note however that if you don’t own an Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mini or Mercedes we have had great results testing the CarPro on many different makes and models.

Please refer to our latest research to see if your car is listed here:


CarPro Compatibility with other cars and motorcycles list