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What to get Dad for Father’s Day

What to get for Father's Day

If you really think about it, Dads are defined by their music.  Just ask yourself, who is their favorite band or who is their favorite artist?  One sure way to find out is to check their T-Shirt drawer.  Dig on through and look for the oldest most worn and that should give you a clue.

Father’s Day gift clues lie in the back of the closet.

They probably attended that concert in their late teens or early twenties…and most likely not much has changed.  Even who they listen to today will in all likelihood sound a lot like that group or singer.  The modern day version will play the same instruments, maybe the drums, or guitar, or even a little cow-bell.   What to get Dad for Father’s Day is the chance to feel the way he did before he was a dad.  Even if it is just for a moment, it is worth it.

The point is that you already know the artist, band or even the exact song that really perks your dad right up.  So skip the lame tie, ditch the barbecue apron, no more cologne (because we all know the best smelling man is wearing soap rinsed with water), and give dad something you’ll know he’ll like, a cool way to listen to his music and feel 18 again.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel 18 again.

Happy Father’s Day and rock on you crazy fools.  We love you.